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Tower Mortgage has been in business for 20 years and is a Georgia Mortgage Licensee.

Our short sale team has an additional 20 years of combined direct short sale negotiations experience.

They can make it happen!

Atlanta Office

Tower Mortgage Corporation
1261 Biltmore Drive NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30329-3835

Short Sale Svs (404) 321-3033

Fax (404) 321-3811


At Tower Mortgage Short Sale, we understand what you are going through and our company is built with your experience and goals as our paramount objective.

In fact, our mission statement is all about you:

To facilitate homeowners sale of real property through short sales by adding our knowledge, experience, and negotiation skills to support listing agents in closings transactions that would not succeed without our involvement while keeping the best interest of the seller in the forefront of any decision.

Your lender almost universally requires that your property be listed with a licensed real estate agent and therefore, in order to receive the benefit of our services, you must list your property.

If your property is not listed and you would like a referral to potential listing agents, please send an email to shortsale@towermortgage.com with “referral” in the subject line and we will put you in touch with potential listing agents from which you can choose. 

Once your property is listed, your lender will have a list of documents that they require as part of the short sale package.  These generally include copies of bank statements, tax returns, a financial statement, and other personal information.  Your listing agent will collect this information and deliver it to us.

When all documentation is assembled we will engage your lender and pursue the short sale process.  We will provide regular updates to your listing agent who will also be able to log in directly to our online system 24/7 for real time updates. 

There are no upfront or subscription fees to sellers or listing agents to receive our services. PLEASE CONTACT IMMEDIATELY IF A LISTING AGENT ATTEMPTS TO COLLECT AN UPFRONT FEE FROM YOU!

The short sale process most likely will take about 60 days – sometimes less, often more.  Please understand that we are not in control of the process and are at the mercy of your lender and the processes it has established.  Some lenders are more efficient and responsive than others. 

Victory - Part 1 is our obtaining from your lender a letter detailing their approval of the short sale; however, Total Victory is not achieved until your house sells and your short sale is closed.

A short sale may have tax consequences that you should discuss with your CPA, attorney or tax advisor. 

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